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Photographs of  Mini Dental Implants
placed by Dr. Paghdiwala  to stabilize
a Complete (Full) Upper Denture
This photograph is of a person who wears a  complete upper denture. He got the denture immediately after all the teeth were taken out, and after healing, the denture fit very poorly, and he had to use a lot of denture adhesive
Four Mini Dental Implants have been placed in the upper jaw, using only local anesthesia, without any gum surgery- this picture was taken within minutes after placing the implants, yet there is no bleeding, not even any redness. No sutures were needed
In the patient's existing upper denture, we placed four implant housings that will snap over the implants placed in the jaw, providing a tight, secure and stable fit
Complete upper dentures normally have plastic covering the entire palate, to provide good suction to the denture. Since the mini implants provide the retention of the denture, the plastic on the palate is not necessary, it can be trimmed off. The patients can feel their palate, taste their food better, talk better and have less plastic in their mouth.
The upper denture fits securely in the mouth. This patient used to wear thick layers of denture glue to help hold the denture in. Since he got the mini implants, he has never had to use any.
Once again, note that the patient's palate is not covered with any plastic as the mini implants are providing the stability to the denture. Prior to the implants, the denture extended all the way to the back of the palate.
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